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Evie Wilshaw (born 1999) is a multidisciplinary illustrator based between London and Manchester. Her personal work is heavily inspired by myths and monsters as she imagines her own worlds and creates the things that would live in them, bringing them to life in a playful manner while being inspired by darker influences. When creating an illustration, her starting point is often more organic, using traditional media and seeing which way it will develop into a fully realised idea. Evie is currently finishing an Illustration Animation BA(Hons) from Kingston University and is graduating in 2021. While still a student she has developed a keen interest in character design and focuses on how media carries tone through out her work, allowing her to become skilled in a range of media and having an ability to chose which convey her ideas the most. The media she often choses to use the most includes lino print, oil pastel and digital illustration, although recently she has developed an interest in 3D and is seeing how she can use this skill to push her style even further.

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